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Lorenzo Franco animator in his workspace working


Growing up in Bogotá, Colombia, I spent my childhood playing outside, doing sports, and enjoying the world of animated movies and characters. As time went by, my obsession with animation grew with me; somehow, I had to be a part of this world. I started to research and teach myself the basics of animation until I entered Animation Mentor, where I studied Character Animation. I have been featured multiple times in the institution's showreel and won the Mentors Choice Award. My experience and dedication have opened many doors in my career. One of them, working with Carlos Baena—an animator I've followed and admired since the beginning of my trajec...

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Mentor Choice award - Animation Mentor 2018

Animation Mentor 2018 Students Showcase

Animation Mentor 2015 Student Showcase

Animation Mentor 2014 Student Showcase

Naska Digital 2009 Students Reel

Part of the animation team of "La Noria"

SIFF - Shanghai International Film Festival - Best Animated Short Film 2019

(Shanghai, China)

TIFF - Transilvania International Film Festival - Shadows Shorts - Best Short Film 2019


CHILEMONOS - Festival Internacional de Animación - Best International Short Film 2019


Animotion Film Festival  - Best 3D Animated Film 2019


Festival de Cine de Alicante - Best Animated Short Film 2019



MUNDOS DIGITALES - International Animation Festival  - Best National Animation Short Award 2019

(Las Coruña, Spain)

Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Cine a la Calle - Best Young Short Film 2019


Atlanta Horror Film Festival - Best Animated Short Film 2019


Pixelatl - Best International Animated Short Film 2018

(Cuernavaca, Mexico)

ANIMALADA (Sevilla, Spain) - Jury Award to Best National Short Film 2018

Screamfest Horror Film Festival - Best Animated Short 2018

(Los Angeles, US)

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Part of the animation team of "Sheep & Wolves"

Golden Unicorn festival - "Best Animation" 2016


Special mention CATALINA FILM FESTIVAL- "The best of excellence" 2016.


Nominated VIFF Vienna Independent Film Festival – "Best Animated Film" 2017


Nominated Asia Pacific Screen Awards - "Best Animated Feature Film" 2016

Selected Meraki International Film Fest – "Best Animated Feature Film" 2016

(Córdoba Spain)

Behind "La Noria"


Carlos Baena (Director)

Sasha Korellis (Producer)

Eve Skylar (Prop Design)

Dei Gaztelumendi (Char Design)

PabloConca Bosch (Lighting)

Lorenzo Franco (Animation)


(Bunrbank, California)

"Animar entre grandes"

Andes University

(Bogotá, Colombia)








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